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Light Rail Awards 2014

Congratulations to Tramlink Nottingham and Nottingham Trams who won 4 Light Rail awards in 2014

Customer Service – move to Off Tram Ticketing
Vision (highly commended) – Off Tram Ticketing
Service Improvement (highly commended)
Engineering Achievement for pushing new Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge over Notts station.

Nottingham Trams was particularly recognised for the smooth transition from conductors to “buy/validate before you ride” (backed by penalty fares regime). Customers can use “PAYG” smartcards, City period passes, concession passes or buy tickets from 50 TVMs.  This was achieved in time to release staff to retrain as drivers. There are now new Trams running a more frequent and reliable timetable with revenues already significantly up. Early 2015 will see the opening of 2 new lines. The awards reflect an excellent team effort.

Congratulations to Norfolk County Council who launched Phase 1 of their multi-operator transport smart card over Easter. Kevin Farquharson from Smartran is providing project and technical consultancy to DfT and the Norfolk Project.

DfT team Will Pethen, Julian Abel and Jenni Borg
DfT team Will Pethen, Julian Abel and
Jenni Borg
Kevin (right) is pictured with Laurie Egan of Norfolk and Will Pethen from DfT
Kevin (right) is pictured with Laurie Egan
of Norfolk and Will Pethen from DfT

Tampere, Finland, January 24, 2013 - Confidex, the world's leading supplier of contactless fare media, has been selected by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), which owns and operates the Glasgow Subway, to supply a large volume of contactless ITSO smart tickets to replace magnetic stripe tickets currently in use across the underground system. The tickets will be encoded and issued from vending machines, parking machines and ticket offices... Read More

At the pre-xmas Transport Card Forum meeting, Kevin provided a short update on the potential for low cost smart tickets. These are little used currently in ITSO schemes but are very suitable for short term use by visitors, tourists and occasional users of public transport. Kevin called on ITSO to consider enhancements to make them more useful in future  schemes.

Kevin Farquharson is currently working as project manager and on acceptance for Nottingham Trams who will introduce off-tram ticketing in 2013 with a combination of ticket vending machines, pay as you go and ITSO smart cards. This is part of one of the most ambitious multi-mode city card schemes in the UK.

Smartran is delighted to welcome smart ticketing industry expert Peter Tomlinson to the team. Peter is currently engaged with DfT and ATOC to work on business scenario and use cases for multi-operator rail ticketing in the south east. This is key work which will underpin procurement of equipment, testing and operation.

Many Universities are trying to reduce costs and improve student services – doing more with less. One way is to rationalise the cards, systems and processes used to provide access to services and make payments. Earlier this year we completed a comprehensive business case for a University wide multi-application scheme and assessed the different options for making payments. Smartran can now report that it is feasible to deliver a new or totally re-freshed multi-application card scheme in less than 9 months including upgraded card technology, updated access control, payment application and other new uses. We have also established a robust investment appraisal model to underpin a strong business case. Click Here to read more.

Smartran is delighted to announce a reward scheme to incentivise volunteers in your community and to reward green transport choices. Through our work with Local Authorities, voluntary sector and leisure service providers, we have identified a general need for sustainable long term incentives which are valued by the recipients.
Time Miles Rewards – volunteers earn Time Miles for every hour recorded working on behalf of a charity or not for profit organisation. Eco Rewards – encouraging participants to walk, cycle, car-share or take the bus to work or college.
For more information about either scheme, please use our Contact Form to request an information sheet and to register your interest. Click Here to read more.

Smartran has been awarded a framework contract for the provision of ITSO technical consultancy support services to Local Authorities and Transport Operators in the South West of England. The primary objectives are to enable these organisations to implement smart ticketing and utilise a shared back office which will manage the configuration of their ticketing infrastructure and capture the transaction data.

Hillingdon wins prestigious awards for its innovative implementation of resident discounted parking linked to the Hillingdon First Card: Click Here to read the report.

London Councils and Capital Ambition chose Smartran to build on previous work and undertake a recent feasibility study into the case for a London Cards framework. The report was completed in November 2009. The study includes a borough business case model for up to 15 applications with a confirmed payback of 2-3 years for borough led schemes.

Hillindgon Council chose Smartran to plan and implement the largest multi-application resident card in England – HillingdonFirstSmartran helped Hillingdon identify the key applications, before moving on to design interfaces between systems and to define new processes for library, parking and customer services.

Consultants from Smartran have had a key role in planning and implementing a residents' privilege card for the London Borough of Hillingdon: the HillingdonFirst card.
Kevin Farquharson present at the first important milestone of the HillingdonFirst card
Click Here to read the Press Release

Assertis has appointed Smartran to provide technical advice and consultancy in the development of a new web-based ticketing system.  Smartran has been retained for it’s knowledge and experience in rail ticketing, ticketing systems and accreditation.

London Borough of Waltham Forest has completed over four year of operational support of their resident card scheme, Smartran, the smart card specialist company responsible for the successful launch of the scheme, and London Borough of Waltham Forestagreed a new contract to the borough resident card scheme in 2009, the OneCard. The contract includes additional functionality to the card scheme, as well as ongoing support and assistance.

In 2009, Smartran was appointed to undertake a smart card feasibility study for London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.  This is being taken forward as the basis of a new youth and resident card scheme.

Kevin Farquharson is a regular conference speaker including the Transport Ticketing event on 27 & 28th January 2010. Kevin has covered the opportunities to combine transport ticketing with other applications on one card and growing deployment of cards in schools. See www.transport-ticketing.com

Smartran presented at Pre-paid 08 and 09, Railway Improvement Conference and the SCNF Transport Smart Card event in Sept 09.

Smartran has recently produced a report on the costs and business case for multi-application resident cards. The report is published on the London Connects website and can be found at: Library-leisure card Cost and Biz Case Report v0-7

Smartran completed an eight month project for the London Borough of Waltham Forest which culminated in the rollout of the OneCard smart card to tenants in the borough. Initially the smart card was used to enable tenants to make rent and council tax payments. The project provided the borough with a platform to rollout further smart card based applications to schools, licence holders, residents and traders.

For more details of the OneCard use our Contact Form or see http://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/index/news/onecard.htm.


Smartran has undertaken the management and co-ordination of dissemination of output from the National smart card Project (NSCP).  This work has involved co-ordination of editorial panel work, progress tracking, management reporting, co-ordination of suppliers creating CD and web-based output channels and overall documentation control.  The completed output has been delivered by CD and web extranet to scope, budget and schedule by all the suppliers being managed.


  1. Smartran is delighted to have supported the BIZ Theatre School summer productions which have raised over £20000 for Chase (the Children's Hospice charity based in Guildford).

  2. Smartran has made donations to other good causes including Breast Cancer awareness, Children in Need and Alzheimer’s Society.

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